Tom Vajzovic

This is the homepage of Tom Vajzovic.


My family are (mostly) from Suffolk; I grew up in Mansfield and I lived for several years in Nottingham and then Coventry. I currently live in Northampton.


I was baptized a Christian at The Priory Church, Lenton in my early twenties. I currently worship in the Jesus Fellowship.


I have been married, divorced and remarried to the same lady. We are now very happy together. I'll call it a learning experience.


I work as an embedded software engineer at a design consultancy in Cambridge. Previously I have worked in a robotics company in Coventry and at an infra-red imaging company in Northampton.


I play rugby union for Northampton BBOB and referee for East Midlands RURS. I used to cycle a lot.

My Name

I was named Thomas Crispian after my great-great-grandfather, Skipper Thomas Crisp VC DSC RNR. My middle name Crispian was chosen to avoid references to savoury snacks.


I am a C programmer. I can also sometimes be a C++ programmer or an assembly programmer, or work in various other technologies. I even once wrote a web CMS in m4 just for fun.

I have undertaken an analysis of the run-time library from various compilers for ARM Cortex-M microcontrollers.

Open Source

I have written various bits and pieces of open-source software, including:

Gopt, an open source C library for parsing command line arguments


My email address is t+web (that's little-letter-t, plus-sign, web) The email address is a trap for spam. Do not send anything to it, or all your email will be rejected and passed to global spam detection databases too.