Tom Vajzovic

This is the homepage of Tom Vajzovic (viza).

I am from Mansfield in Nottinghamshire, lived in Nottingham for several years and currently live in Coventry.

I work as a software engineer at a robotics company, and worship at Coventry Cathedral and also at Holy Trinity Church, Coventry.


My email address is t+web (that's little-letter-t, plus-sign, web) The email address is a trap for spam. Do not send anything to it, or all your email will be rejected and passed to global spam detection databases too.

Sports & Interests

I play rugby for Coventrians RFC in the second XV, and have recently become a member of Warwickshire Society of Referees. I am a keen road cyclist. I enjoy drinking bitter, eating lots, and sleeping.

My Name

I was named Thomas Crispian after my great-great-grandfather, Skipper Thomas Crisp VC DSC RNR. My middle name Crispian was chosen to avoid references to savoury snacks.


I registered this domain when I was looking for web design work. Fortunately I no longer am. Learning web languages got me interested in real programming, but I find them too frustrating to want to work in that area.


I am skilled in C and dabble in quite a few other languages. My two main areas of experience are low-level real-time programming and complex mathematical image processing.

Open Source

As an undergraduate working on my dissertation (Vajzovic, 2006) I contributed to the open-source image processing library VIPS.

I have also developed various other bits and pieces of open-source software, including Gopt, an ANSI C library for parsing command line arguments. I have quite a few other projects that I hope will eventually be released, but they are currently on the back burner indefinitely. I do enough programming at work to make it no longer fun to do it as a hobby too.


Vajzovic, T. 2006. Dust Removal and Colour Correction in Digital Images of Slide Based Works of Art. B.Sc. dissertation. Nottingham Trent University.