Gopt is small set of C library functions for parsing POSIX and GNU style command line arguments.

Gopt has a far more simple interface than any of the library functions typically used to perform this task, such as Argp or getopt.

To see how simple Gopt is, look the sample program, gopt-usage.c.

Further documentation is provided in the form of comments in the header file, gopt.h.

To start using Gopt, download the source code, gopt.c.

Gopt is written in pure C89 (ANSI C), but the header file has convenience macros which use several of the more widely available features of C99 (ISO 9899:99).  Gopt is free standing; it has no dependencies on any libraries other than the C library.

There is no configure script.  The only thing you may want to change is to define USE_SYSEXITS when gopt.c is compiled, if your system provides <sysexits.h> (Most BSD and many Linux systems do).

Gopt is truly free software.




The files above are Gopt/8.1.  All previous versions have bugs in both their design and in several cases, their implementation.  If you still have a perverse desire for a copy of the older versions, please contact Tom Vajzovic (me).